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The 12 Days of Christmas

Learn more about Trinity Farm and feel free to hum along!

Trinity Farm is the home base of the Summit & Portage Co. Trotters! 2017 was a busy year for our athletes! We held weekly practices, hosted training clinics, hosted a horse show and attended the State Games in Cincinnati, Ohio! All of the opportunities offered to our Special Olympic Athletes are products of the hard work of Kelly Norville, Ashley Conger, Julia Klarowski, Krista Jurkovich, Madalyn Rusinoff, Katherine Trimble and of course our athlete's families that supported and encouraged us all!

Summit Co. Trotters isn't a new team. They have a long history! BUT this is the first year that multiple athletes from our area have been able to attend the State Games!
Our athletes are already training hard for next year! Want to pave the road toward their next Olympic Games? It's not to late to sponsor the team by making year end donation! You can also follow our team on following or liking 

In reality, YOU, gave us two new couches. YOU, your families, companies and clubs have donated so much in 2017! We started 2017 by asking for two couches for parents to rest on while their child is in the barn and boy did you come through! You gave our parents a comfortable place to rest and maybe the only moment of peace and quiet they'll have all day. Each donation ensures the farm will be around for the next person who need lifted up, comforted, or encouraged!

YOU made our parking lot safe to drive on with new gravel and lights, You mended broken fences, replaced worn tack, provided care for therapy horses, purchased all new schooling helmets, sponsored military veterans and children in need!
Your generosity makes each day, each smile, each hoof-beat in a heart possible!

Fourteen therapy horses live at Trinity Farm! Each one has been selected for Trinity Farm based upon their physical ability and character! From our 30" minis to our 17hh draft, each horse has a special role at the farm.

Which therapy horse are you most thankful for this year?

Did you know that the majority of our volunteers spend four or more hours at Trinity Farm a week?! They help keep the barn in tip top shape and keep our students on time and safe!

Trinity Farm's staff has a similar motto to the US Postal Service. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these [farm workers] from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".

Trinity Farm's staff members are dedicated to providing our horses with excelent care. Nine hours a day, seven days a week through rain, snow, heat and stormy weather the staff gives and gives so that our horses and students can continue on! Three meals a day, turn out, bring in, clean, scrub, mix, sweep, shovel, water, again and again without fail. Their love for the horses is passed on to each one of our riders!
Thanks Jake, Emily, Erin and Madalyn Rusinoff! — with Jake Holodnak and Erin Shattuck.

Regularly Scheduled programming takes place 6 days a week at Trinity Farm. This includes over 50 riding lessons, programs for military veterans and serving as a host site for Hudson High School's service learning students. But we don't stop there! The 7th day is usually full of competitions, special events, hosting clinics or other educational opportunities for our students.

Pedicures aren't just for people! Did you know each of Trinity Farm's horses have their hooves trimmed on a regular basis? Each horse gets trimmed 8-11 times a year, and 5 of our horses wear custom made shoes to help them do their jobs. We are so thankful for our amazing farrier, Lori McBride Cjf, who keeps our horses looking, moving and feeling great!


At Trinity Farm, we don't just teach riding lessons. We provide inclusive experiences that teach all aspects of good horsemanship. In addition to anatomy, hoof health and general horse care, Trinity Farm students learn to identify injuries, potential dangers and general first aid. All of our students have the opportunity to participate in shows, whether it be home shows, Special Olympics or on our competition team. Participation in these opportunities allows students of all ages to learn about horse show prep, showmanship and good sportsmanship.

There is a saying in the horse world that if you get your children hooked on horses, they won’t have the time or money to get hooked on anything else... and to some extent, it’s true! From safety equipment like helmets and vests, to proper riding attire like boots and breeches, to simply affording lessons themselves, many of our students would be financially unable to participate in equine activities elsewhere. Through individuals who are willing to sponsor riders, grants that cover equipment costs, and generous riders who are willing to donate gently used items to our lending library of boots and breeches, we’ve been able to help many students experience the thrill of becoming an equestrian athlete over the past year.

10 bales of hay wouldn't actually go very far around here! in reality, we use about 2,400 bales of hay a year.

That's not all it takes to keep our horses happy and well fed either! It also takes 300 to 400 bags of grain, 42 tubes of dewormer, 12 veterinary and dental check ups each year. The list goes on and on!

This year, Trinity Farm was able to expand our volunteer opportunities to include younger participants who and yearning to learn and do more! While this special group of volunteers requires a little more supervision and instruction, we are grateful for their giving hearts, and we are looking forward to watching the next generation of leaders emerge before our eyes!

Did you know that Trinity Farm is the only local therapeutic equestrian center to provide opportunities for students at every level to compete? In addition to hosting several home shows, Trinity Farm students may also compete locally in the Northeast Ohio Mini Trial Association series or through Special Olympics. This year, a record number of our riders traveled to Cincinnati to compete in the state level competition for Special Olympics, where they represented us incredibly well!

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