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Inclusive Public Horse Show

Trinity Farm is opening the grounds to the public! Join us!

June 3rd's Horse Show has been rescheduled!

New date: TBD

A donation was made to improve the viewing area by the indoor arena.

Renovations will be completed before our first show. Thank you to all who contributed!

If you filled out an online entry form, you will be contacted by Monday evening with confirmation of your entry. Thanks!

Trinity Farm horse show for riders of all abilities!

New to horses?

New to horse shows?

Experienced but need a leader or side-walker?

We've got you covered! Lets have some fun!

Sign up for the classes that best suit you.

Feel free to contact us if you aren't sure, or error on the side of safety.

Classes will be judged based on rider's contribution only, unless otherwise stated.

Entries due Friday before the show date. Payment via paypal, cash or check day of.

$10/ class. Stabling is limited.

Ride times and class order to be posted the Thursday before the event.

Dress Code?

Rider and horse comfort is top priority!

Riders should be neat and tidy. Traditional show clothes welcome but not mandatory.

English (recommended if not wearing a jacket): Breeches/jodhpurs, half chaps, tall boots, well-fitting t-shirt/polo.

Western (recommended): Long pants, well-fitting t-shirt/polo or button up.

We're not afraid of color on shirts or helmets!

MANDATORY: ALL competitors must wear helmets when working with horses or in marked active equine areas. ALL competitors must wear long pants and boots, unless noted by a physician. Competitors may not be attached/ tied or fixed to the horse, saddle or girth. Lead lines must not be attached to bits. (Please use a halter over/under a bridle OR just a halter/ jumping hackamore.)

Independent? Assisted?

Competitors should be prepared to demonstrate their horseback riding or horse handling skills to the best of their ability, but they are welcome to have leaders or side-walkers. Leaders and side-walkers should allow competitors to shine, not distract or prompt. Horses may wear bridles with halters and use adaptive equipment. Lead ropes can not be attached to bits. (Please follow PATH Intl and Special Olympic safety practices. (Feel free to ask questions.) This event is not sanctioned Special Olympics Ohio, but we like how clear and concise their safety guidelines are, and will defer to them when necessary.

Horse Suitability?

We are looking for safe and happy horses! Horses should be appropriate for their partner. They don't need to be flashy, young or great movers. SAFE - SAFE - SAFE please!

Braiding or banding is optional and will not impact scores.

Horses that are unsound or unhealthy will be asked to withdraw from classes without refund.

Under saddle: We want to reward your amazing horse for being a great partner for your competitors! Are they a good match? Does the horse enjoy their job? Are they willing? Good manners? Unicorns are real!

Pattern Classes:

All patterns will be judged on rider's efforts. Where possible, riders should signal with a head nod that they are ready to begin. Alternative communication should be noted on Entry.

English Riding Patterns- Posted 05/01/2018

Western Riding Patterns- Posted 05/01/2018

Showmanship Patterns- Posted 05/01/2018

Dressage Tests- Posted 05/01/2018

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